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The WFDN Series Waterflow Detectors are compatible with Schedule 7 through 40 steel pipe, sizes 2″ through 4″ (50.8 mm through 101.6 mm), and are compatible with Schedule 10 through 40 steel pipes, sizes 5” through 8” (127 mm through 203.2 mm). They can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal position. WFDN Series detectors are contained in a rugged, NEMA 4-rated enclosure. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the WFDN Series operates across a wide temperature range: 32°F to 150°F (0°C to 66°C). UL-Listed models are equipped with tamper-resistant cover switch to prevent unauthorized entry. Inside, two sets of SPDT (Form-C) synchronized switches are enclosed in a durable terminal block with a new layout designed to make wiring easy with wire ready terminals. COM terminals are on a different elevation. There is a large barrier between switches and raised textured lettering make it easy to read. An optional cover tam-per switch is available which securely snaps into place, no tools required.
WFDN Series detectors incorporate a mechanical time delay feature, which minimizes the risk of false alarm due to pres-sure surges or air trapped in the sprinkler system. The larger and easy to turn timer dial makes setting the waterflow detec-tor easy. The WFDN Series is designed for accuracy and repeatability. The detector also offers improved performance during vibration in riser applications where detectors are exposed to a large rush of water.


  •  New directional cover allows installers and inspectors to easily see the direction of flow.
  •  UL-Listed models are NEMA 4 rated.
  •  Sealed retard mechanism immune to dust and other con-taminants
  •  Less exposed metal reduces shock hazard. Plastic cover acts as an insulator and is resistant to arcing.
  •  Visual switch activation
  •  Audible switch activation (73 dBA).
  •  Field-replaceable timer/switch assembly.
  •  Accommodates up to 12 AWG wire.
  •  Switch synchronization activates both alarm panel and local bell or horn strobe.
  •  Tamper-resistant cover screws.
  •  Improved water sealing.
  • Reduced product weight.
  •  Wire-ready terminals.
  •  Improved wiring with new terminal block layout.
  •  Snap-in optional cover tamper aldatzailea.
  •  Improved timer repeatability and accuracy.



Presio estatikoaren balorazioa: 450 psi.

Triggering Threshold Bandwidth (flow rate): 4 to 10 GPM.

Gehienezko igoera: 18 feet per second (FPS) (5.4864 m/sec).

Compatible Pipe: steel water pipe, 2” – 4” (50.8 mm through 101.6 mm) rated for use with Schedule 7 through 40 pipe, 5” -8” (127 mm through 203.2 mm) rated for use with Schedule 10 through 40 pipe.

Harremanetarako balorazioak: two sets of SPDT (Form-C) contacts; 10.0 A @ 1/2 HP @125/250 VAC; 2.5 A @ 6/12/24 VDC.

Kanpoko sarrerak: two openings for 0.5″ (12.7 mm) con-duit. One open, one knock-out type. NEMA 4 rated plugs

Tenperatura Range eragileak: 32 ° F eta 150 ° F (0 ° C eta 66 ° C).

Itxituraren balorazioa: NEMA 4, suitable for indoor/outdoor use.

Azala Tamper Aldatu: standard for ULC models; optional for UL models (P/N CTS).

Zerbitzuaren erabilera: NFPA 13 for Automatic Sprinkler; NFPA 13D for One- or Two-Family Dwelling; NFPA 13R for Residential Occu-pancies up to Four Stories; NFPA 72 for National Fire Alarm Code.

Bermea: 3 urte.


Vane-type waterflow detectors shall be installed on system piping as designated on the drawing and/or as specified herein. Detectors shall mount on any clear pipe span of the appropriate nominal size, either a vertical upflow or horizontal run, at least 6″ (152.4 mm) from any fittings which may change water direction, flow rate, or pipe diameter; or no closer than 24″ (0.6096 m) from a valve or drain. Detectors shall have a sensitivity in the range of 4 to 10 gallons per minute and a static pressure rating of 450 psi for 2″ (50.8 mm) to 8″ (203.2 mm) pipes. The detector shall respond to waterflow in the specified direction after a preset time delay which is field-adjustable. The delay mechanism shall be a sealed mechanical pneumatic unit with visual indication of actuation. The actu-ation mechanism shall include a polyethylene vane inserted through a hole in the pipe and connected by a mechanical link-age to the delay mechanism. Outputs shall consist of dual SPDT switches (Form-C contacts). Two conduit entrances for standard fittings of commonly used electrical conduit shall be provided on the detectors. A grounding provision is provided. Unless noted, enclosures shall be NEMA 4 Listed by Under-writers Laboratories Inc. All detectors shall be Listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. for indoor or outdoor use.

Agentziaren zerrendak eta onespenak
Zerrenda eta onespen hauek dokumentu honetan zehaztutako moduluei aplikatzen zaizkie. Zenbait kasutan, baliteke onarpen-agentzia jakin batzuek modulu edo aplikazio batzuk zerrendatu ez izatea, edo zerrenda prozesuan egotea. Kontsultatu fabrikari azken zerrendaren egoera ezagutzeko.

  •  UL Zerrendatua: S739
  •  ULC zerrendatua: S739
  •  MEA Zerrendatua: 167-93-E
  •  CSFM: 7770-1653:114
  •  FM Onartua

Ordenatzen informazioa

WFDN Series Detectors
UL Models ULC Models Hodiaren neurria Zuloaren neurria Shipping Weight
WFD20N WFD20NA 2.0 ”(50.8 mm) 1.25 ”(31.75 mm) 2.6 lbs
WFD25N WFD25NA 2.5 ”(63.5 mm) 1.25 ”(31.75 mm) 2.6 lbs
WFD30N WFD30NA 3.0 ”(76.2 mm) 2.00 ”(50.8 mm) 3.1 lbs
WFD40N WFD40NA 4.0 ”(101.6 mm) 2.00 ”(50.8 mm) 4.0 lbs
WFD50N WFD50NA 5.0 ”(127 mm) 2.00 ”(50.8 mm) 4.9 lbs
WFD60N WFD60NA 6.0 ”(152.4 mm) 2.00 ”(50.8 mm) 5.6 lbs
WFD80N WFD80NA 8.0 ”(203.2 mm) 2.00 ”(50.8 mm) 7.3 lbs
Osagarriak eta Ordezko Piezak
Modelo zenbakia Deskribapena
WFDW Tamper-proof wrench for metal cover
CTS Tamper-proof switch kit
FS-RT Delay mechanism and switch assembly

WFDN Field Wiring DiagramHoneywell WFDN Series Waterflow Detector 01Overall Dimensions Installed Honeywell WFDN Series Waterflow Detector 02

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