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The recycled ocean plastic used to make this product may have traces of the wide mix of types of plastics collected, this can allow some minor black spots and
imperfections to appear upon the surface. These are normal and do not affect the performance of the product. The material is unique in character and happy
not to be in the Sea.


Nola konektatu

Switch ON: blue LED Indicator will flash,
Choose “RHYTHM” from your device menu,
Wait until you hear voice prompt “Connected”,
Orain konektatuta zaude,
Blue LED indicator will now stay on.






argi moduak

Argiaren botoia:
White, Gradual, Disco, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, OFF


RHYTHM-Party-Speaker-U-11Further enhance the light show by using the Boom pods App:





To check Buds battery status at any time you can open the Boom pods App.


  • Product Name :   Rhythm
  • Type  : Waterproof Bluetooth speaker
  • Colours : Black
  • Compatibility : Devices with Bluetooth S or lower
  • Bermea: 12 hilabete
  • IPX Rating : IPX 7 (fully waterproof)
  • Features : Waterproof 1 m, Light modes, App Voice assistant, Volume, Skip Tracks.
  • Play Time : 5H
  • cables : USB-A to USB-Micro
  • Battery : 2000mah
  • Charge time : 2.Sh
  • frequency range : 2.4-2.480 GHZ
  • Sensitivity : -42±3d8, omni-directional, S.N.R?60dB
  • Mic frequency range : 20hz-20khz
  • Working Current : $30mA (minimum volume)
  • Lan bolumenatage: DC 2.7-4.2 V
  • Speaker : SW waterproof high quality driver.
  • Bluetooth : vs.,

Further Enhance your experience by Downloading the Boompads app ,go to the app store.


  • Battery 2000mAh Built-in Lithium Battery
  • Battery Charge time Frequency 2000mAh Built-in
  • Lithium Batfery 2.5 hrs 20Hz – 20 KHz MEMS
  • Omni-directional -42+3dB @1kHz Microphone
  • Type Sensitivity Mic frequency range Operating temperature Bluetooth
  • IPX Rating Play Time 100Hz-10OKHz -Oc 45C V5.1 IPX 7 5 hrs

Adostasun Adierazpena hemen aurki daiteke: https://www.boompods.com/product/bassline compact Hereby, Boompods declares that fhe radio equipment fype [Earphone with Bluetooth] is in compliance with Directive 2014/53/EU. FCC ID: RDR-BH20T13A



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Rhythm RHYTHM Party Speaker [pdf] Erabiltzailearen eskuliburua
RHYTHM Party Speaker, RHYTHM, Party Speaker, Speaker

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