SoundBay Model S True Wireless Stereo Earbuds


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Please put the earbuds angle.


Poworns on

I. metodoa
Open the charging box, the power is on automatically, and The left and right cards will be connected. Take out two earbuds, the master earphone Default last earbud as mover orange
Metodo 2: If the earphone is not in the charging box or the charging box is out of will be paired automatically. The LED light Models, power on an accord status The lEO lions of porous will be orange and white and licker alternately.

The pairing mode will last for a maximum of 180 seconds no pairing is conducted will be put into standby mode, reconnect, please it Dower steps. ard Wireless connection” The connection will be disconnected connecting range. reconnected automatically the clouds come back into the prores connecting range within 80 seconds.

Turning off method
Put the eurozone into the of automatically earphone won’t power on

Range light and the earphone is off, who be recessed wits miners will automatically

Answer a call When a call is coming, short press either one of the earbuds to answer. Ending a call: During the call short press either one of the earbuds to hang up. Rejecting a call: When calling, long press either one of the  Call switching modes: earbuds to the phone, and then a lot to switch from One-key Siri: in standby music mode, double-click either one of the earbuds to actuate close sin This is available by lOS Music play when music is playing. Shot Ores Miner One To douse music. and then short press ether ons or earbuds to resume play 2.Last song: In music state, long press left sonG  Next song: In music state, long press right around tor z seconds to switch to part one Under mono mode, long press any one of the coroners or one a co in music mode, and it will reveal to the music mode automatically after ending a phone call. Charge for the charging box DOX STATE the white light on The charging box Hashes quickly, charging box or Pomona o box thrown the USB cable, the orange light on the bottom Gina charging box flashes and shows the charging box is being charged  is fully charged orange indicator keeps lighting

Aurikularrak kargatzen
When marauds sower low for voice Ta row onto an order No more than 3 times Put earbuds back into the charging box and Close the cover ld to charge the corbuds.

Produce specifications

  • Model: Soundsay Models
  • earbuds size: 17.8×19.62×43.58mm
  • charging box size: oUxZox4YmiT
  • Harreroomnasan
  • Input power supply: DO V TA
  • earbuds battery: 3.7v /JOmAr
  • charging box battery: s./y DOumAt
  • Charging time of charging box: Compatible


  • Wireless earbuds are not connected to your phone, please try the following steps
  • Please make sure Iha or buds
  • Please make sure it menses more suro tho corridors
  • Please make sure the mobile phone
  • Mense more sure thor the distance within the available connection range

Safety precisions

  1. Please follow the intention of this user manual and do not take any reason k disassemble or modify otherwise it may couse earbud failure
  2. Do not drop the product into any liquid or wear it in worse
  3. Do not change the clouds with charger that is overvoltage, ensure your charger will damage
  4. The DOSAEY uses or stores products in room-fem in an environment where the temperature is too high or too low Scion

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