AmaMedic AM-2108 lepoko masajearen buruko erabiltzailearen gida

Learn how to use the AmaMedic AM-2108 Neck Massage Pillow with this comprehensive user manual. Discover how to relieve muscle fatigue, promote relaxation, and improve your cervical spine health. The manual includes parameter specifications, usage methods, and common problems and solutions. Keep your neck massage pillow in top condition with these instructions.

AmaMedic AM-4610 Begi-masajea Theramedic Masajearen erabiltzailearen eskuliburua

The AM-4610 Eye Massager Theramedic Massage user manual provides comprehensive operation instructions and product specifications. Learn how the Bluetooth-enabled device's air compression, heating, vibrating, and music functions work. Ensure safety by reading the manual before use.